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The Field Of General Application Of Air Filter
Mar 28, 2018

Today, we are going to analyze the field of air filter application for everyone. As people's awareness of their health is improving, more and more attention is paid to the air environment. It is bound to increase the wide demand for air filters.

1, the application of air filter in the field of pneumatic machinery, its role is to avoid air containing impurity particles into mechanical equipment, resulting in wear and damage, extend the life of machinery.

2, automotive engines should also be applied to air filters, which is effective in filtering dust and impurities into the engine system and cockpit, so as to avoid damage to the engine and human body.

3, workshop, workshop and other spaces should also be applied to air filters. Its role is to effectively prevent rust, sand and other harmful substances from entering, affecting people's health and production quality.

4, and in the operation room in the hospital, the application of the asepsis room to prevent sand, dust and other harmful substances into the room, affecting the operation and medical environment.

The above mainly analyzes the application of the four areas, but more points in the market we are mainly used in the field of automobile engine, with the development of society, more and more private cars today, must do the maintenance work, basically 15 thousand kilometers to be replaced once.