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How To Replace Water With A Diesel Filter
Mar 28, 2018

1) add the fuel of the regular gas station to ensure the cleanliness of the oil, and ensure the normal service life of the filter element (filter core).

2) when the water level indicator light of the oil-water separator is bright, the water should be released in time. When the discharge valve has fuel spillover, it closes the discharge valve and completes the release of water.

3) the filter changes the filter element (filter element) when the vehicle runs 12000Km~15000Km or 250h~300h. Replace the filter components (filter), oil film coated to the seal must be before installation, and then filter components (filters) screw on the sealing pad contact filter base, and then tighten the 3/4 ring, starting the engine exhaust after completion, check the filter without leakage.