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How To Maintain The Air Filter Easily
Mar 28, 2018

The first: the paper filter, only by gently shaking, a soft brush (except to follow the direction of the brush, fold) compressed air from outside the internal blowing dust filter in the filter on the adhesive removal. When the dust is blown away, the pressure of the compressed air should be 0.2 to 0.29 MPa, otherwise the filter core will be damaged.

Second: for the coarse filter, the dust deposited in the dust collection, the blade and the cyclone must be removed.

Third: paper filter core after each maintenance, can not completely restore the original performance, the resistance will increase, so the most maintenance 3 times to replace the new filter. The average car needs to replace a paper filter for every 2000 km.

Fourth: when the paper filter core is broken, perforated or the end cover of the filter paper is degumming, the new paper filter core should be replaced immediately. If there is no spare parts for a moment, glue the glue with the rubber cloth or paper to seal the damaged place.

Fifth: the paper filter should never be cleaned in oil. It is strictly forbidden to contact with water and fire and prevent the air filter from inhaling the oil mist and dust from the engine.