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How Much Do You Know About Car Filters?
Mar 28, 2018

Nowadays there are car owners constantly adding, but how many people know the effect of car filters on cars? There are four main types of car filters:

1. Oil filter, filter out the mechanical impurities and gum during engine operation, and keep the lubricant clean

2. Fuel filter to remove harmful particles and moisture from the engine fuel oil system to protect the oil pump nozzle, cylinder liner, piston ring, etc., to reduce wear and prevent obstruction, and is mainly divided into fuel filter and diesel filter Device.

3. Air filter, equipment to eradicate particulate impurities in the air

4.Air-conditioning filter to filter the air entering the interior of the compartment from the outside to make the air clean The dirty damage of the filter

1. Dirty air filter will cause poor engine operation, excessive fuel consumption, damage to engine, etc. When inspecting the air filter, if there is less dust and less obstruction, use high-pressure air to blow it from the inside out and continue to use it. . Dirty air filters should be replaced in a timely manner.

2. After the beginning of autumn, the climate is gradually cold, and windows cannot be opened as in the summer. The air in the compartment becomes turbid and smells. The lack of air in the cabin helps the growth of bacteria. During the air conditioning process, the air moves in the blower, evaporation box, heater tank and air duct. Regardless of whether it is a warm wind condition or a natural wind condition, the air in the compartment is circulated from the ash filter to the aforementioned system and then re-entered into the car. When the air circulates, the airflow brings dust, moisture, bacteria, and other dust deposited on the ash filter into the air-conditioning system. Over time, mold grows and odors develop. When you open a blower or trek, you can open natural winds. Under the effect of wind, bacteria are blown out of the air-conditioning system and inhaled into the body by people inside the vehicle. This causes the body's respiratory system to present symptoms and will directly affect the health of the people in the vehicle. It will also show that the outflow condition of the outer circulation is small.

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