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Why do you change the fuel filter
Mar 28, 2018

We know that gasoline is extracted from crude oil through complex processes, and then transported to various petrol stations through special ways, and eventually transported to the fuel tank of owners. In this process, the impurity in the gasoline is inevitable to enter the tank. In addition, as the time of use is prolonged, the impurities will increase. In this way, the filter used to filter the fuel will be dirty and full of dregs, and the filtering effect will be greatly reduced.

So it is suggested that the replacement of kilometer number, if not changed or delayed, will definitely affect the performance of the vehicle, cause the oil circuit is not smooth, and the automobile is not strong enough. Finally, it will lead to the chronic damage of the engine and even the overhaul of the engine. The cost of such a cost can be worth the price of a number of fuel filters.

And then learn about the cycle of replacing the fuel filter.

According to the replacement time and mileage of the vehicle brand, it is usually replaced every 10000 kilometers.

In the end, we should be aware of the attention to the use of the replacement of the gasoline filter

1. After the replacement and installation of the gasoline and oil grid, the sealing of the interface should be paid attention to, and the phenomenon of oil leakage should be vigilant.

2, for air and air conditioning, to ensure the replacement of the overall seal.

3, take care of the gasoline, and try to use the matching label gasoline as stipulated by the car manufacturer.

4, to professional channels to buy fuel filter quality guaranteed, do not covet cheap to buy brand-name filter quality, so as to avoid damage to the vehicle, dangerous.

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