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What should be paid attention to when choosing an oil-water separator
Mar 28, 2018

1. As much as possible in the regular manufacturers to buy products

When buying oil-water separators, everyone must go to a regular maintenance station to buy mainstream big-brand products. The price of water separators on the market ranges from a few hundred yuan to a few thousand dollars. The difference in quality is still relatively large. There are even many fake and shoddy products. If it is to buy cheap products for corruption, the final price paid may be a whole set of fuel injectors. The engine may be serious, so it is very necessary to buy regular products.

2. The first choice for large displacement

When installing the oil-water separator model at home, it must be larger than the original displacement, in order to fully ensure the oil supply of the entire engine system.

3 pay attention to drainage must be timely

In some cases, when applying the oil-water separator, it is necessary to pay attention to the transparent plastic cup under the separator. Be sure to pay attention to waterproofing in time and there is too much water. The oil-water separator basically does not separate oil and water.

Some foreign advanced manufacturers already have automatic water discharge function. The filter cup below the oil-water separator has a water level sensor. When the water level reaches a certain value, it will prompt water on the computer screen above the instrument panel. The oil-water separator must be drained. Now. Drainage operation is also very convenient, after parking, handbrake, off

Close the engine, turn the ignition key to the driving position, and press the switch on the dashboard for about 18 seconds to complete the drain.

4 heating function of the water separator

In the cold winter, the water in the water cup is easily frozen, especially in the north, causing the necessary damage. For the sake of safety, it is recommended to use a water separator with heating function.

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