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The function and replacement period of air filter
Mar 28, 2018

An air filter is a device for purifying the air. The air filter can filter the suspended particles in the air into the cylinder to reduce the wear of the cylinder, the piston ring and the piston ring, and prolong the life of the components. The air filter is a consumable product, which is usually replaced 10 thousand kilometers. The main requirements of the air cleaner is high filtration efficiency and low flow resistance, long time of continuous use without maintenance.

Select the appropriate filter

Why do you say that? Mainly because of bacteria dust in the air of summer is very active, and in other weather may not filter what feeling, but not the appropriate filter will display the summer, because if you have a pollen allergy rather than pollen filter or a good filtering effect of the filter, you may be miserable in the car when the summer, and some good choices for an air cleaner is to protect the body, pay special attention to hair more, but a good filter can filter out a lot of bristles and dust, because the summer dry often road dust will float so the filter is very good for summer road dust filtering.

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