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Structure and classification of diesel filter
Mar 28, 2018

Some card friends choose not to install or install for a long time without maintenance. In addition to considering the cost of maintenance, it may be because there is a blind spot on the cognition of diesel filters. First we first understand the system. The diesel filter is mainly composed of hand oil pump (filter holder), filter parts, water level sensor, temperature sensor, heater, sealing ring, pipe joint and other components.

The core component is filter element, which is made of filter material, which is made of "affinity" oil and "sparse" water material. It mainly filters particulate matter and moisture in diesel oil and prevents common rail system from blocking up, especially the fuel injector. The existence of water is very harmful to the diesel fuel supply system, and corrosion, wear, death and even worsening the combustion process of diesel oil.

At present, the domestic diesel engine using diesel oil filter paper has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, small weight, good filtering effect and low cost. The diesel filter is divided into detachable and swirling type according to the installation form, and it can be divided into coarse filter and fine filter according to the demand of the filter.

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