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Practical techniques for selecting the filter core of air filter
Mar 28, 2018

At the time of selection, try to match the power, economy and reliability of the original engine.

First, the rated intake of the engine is in principle less than the flow rate in the technical parameters of the filter core of the rated intake.

Two, filter material has a series of standard requirements such as thickness, tensile strength, original intake resistance, filtration accuracy and so on. The filtration accuracy of high efficiency filter paper is 2 m, the ordinary import filter paper is 30 m, while the domestic filter paper is only 80 m. The imported diesel engine requires the air filtration accuracy of 5 u m, and the domestic diesel engine should be less than 20 u m.

Three. Performance test of filter core

1. Flow resistance test: measurement of loss in air flow.

2. Original filtration efficiency test: the dust collecting efficiency of filter core can be calculated. In general, the dust reduction rate of filter core is over 99%.

3, the original intake resistance test: intake resistance 9, rated gas volume, through the filter core, the inlet and outlet pressure difference should not exceed 3.2kPa, otherwise the power will decrease, the engine will smoke black.

4, dust storage capacity and cumulative efficiency test: when test, intake air resistance or pressure drop reaches 7 to 46kPa when the ash accumulation weight is the filter core's dust storage capacity, and the filtration efficiency during this test period is cumulative efficiency. The filter core accumulates too much dust, causing the blockage and the increase of the intake resistance. When the engine power is reduced by 5% or the fuel consumption is increased by 5%, the intake resistance reaches a limit, and the filter core must be cleaned or replaced.

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