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How to deal with the blockage problem of diesel fuel filter
Mar 28, 2018

Use special injector cleaners or fuel system cleaners to clean out the nozzle completely and remove the carbon deposit and sediment on the nozzle.

Fuel filter, is put in the fuel containing iron oxides, dust and other solid debris removal, to prevent fuel clogging (especially the nozzle), reduce mechanical wear, to ensure the stable operation of the engine, improve the reliability of the fuel structure is composed of a bracket aluminum shell and a stainless steel, a efficient filter components on the bracket, filter paper as Daisy shaped, to increase the flow area, general filter filter and carburetor efi.

The fuel filter must be replaced every 30 thousand kilometers. If the content of the fuel impurity is large, the driving distance should be shortened accordingly. The arrows on the fuel filter cover indicate the flow direction of the fuel, and when the fuel filter is installed, it is not allowed to flip. Even if it works in a backward state, it must be replaced for a short time.

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