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Common faults and replacement of diesel filter
Mar 28, 2018

The diesel filter is not only small in volume, easy to install, but also easy to troubleshoot. When the engine is difficult to start, first check the filter and the pipe whether there is gas, if some, use the oil pump oil to clean the gas. Secondly, it may be that the filter intercepts too many impurities, has blocked the filter, and needs to replace the new filter core, so the maintenance and maintenance of the filter can not be careless.

If the hand pump doesn't get oil, it may be due to the large particle impurity, which makes the impurity block the one-way valve, resulting in the failure of pump oil. The solution is also very simple. It will clear the parts of the hand pump clearly. The water level sensor has self checking function. When it is electrified, it is self checked. The indicator light first lights up and then goes out. It indicates normal. If it doesn't shine, there will be some problems in the water level sensor, so we need to replace the new one.

In order to save the maintenance cost of diesel filters, regular fuel is selected when refueling, ensuring the cleanliness of oil products, so that the filter core can maintain its normal service life. After the new diesel filter is installed, the filter core needs to be replaced in most cases for 12000-15000 kilometers or 250-300 hours.

Before installation, the oil must be coated on the gasket with film. Then the filter element is screwed up to the base of the gasket after contacting the filter base, then the 3/4 circle is tightened. After the exhaust is started, the engine is started and the oil leakage is detected.

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