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Basic common sense of daily truck diesel filter
Mar 28, 2018

If the water or impurities once in the fuel system, engine damage caused by the consequences be unbearable to contemplate, is inevitable, if cause irreparable economic loss, it is so common in The loss outweighs the gain., diesel filter on the truck, best can the comprehensive understanding of the importance of knowledge base and a brand, avoid the necessary loss.

First understand the classification of the diesel filter used in the truck

Basically, it can be divided into two kinds, the exchangeable filter and the rotatable filter.

The structure of the truck diesel oil filter and oil filter basically is basically the same, diesel oil filter and oil filter in some of the requirements of oil pressure, resistance, diesel filter requirements are lower, but compared to the diesel oil filter oil filter with high filtration efficiency in many aspects.

If it is classified according to different functions, it can be divided into three kinds: diesel water separator, diesel oil filter, diesel oil filter.

Simply say the basic functions of these filters.

1, oil and water separator: the main function is to separate and remove water from diesel oil. Because the water exists in the combustion system, will greatly worsen the diesel working environment and combustion process, such as corrosion, wear and seizure of combustion system, containing high content of sulfur in the education of our country in diesel, as we all know, if sulfur water, direct corrosion machine components.

2, diesel oil filter: This is not what to say, basically the initial filtration of impurities, especially the comparison of impurities, usually in the case of the tank inside.

3, diesel oil filter: mainly used to filter 3-5 m of the impurities in diesel oil, the components are mainly installed outside the tank, mainly because of easy maintenance. As the daily consumables of the truck, the filter needs to be maintained in time to ensure the safety of the truck fuel system and the engine can be durable.

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