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BENZ High Quality Fuel Filter

BENZ High Quality Fuel Filter

Name: Fuel Filter
FONHO No.:UT-6009
Ref No.:OEM: A979 47700 15KZ ,A 958 477 0115 A384 477 7015
MANN: WK 1060
RACOR: R120-30MB
Product Catalog: Heavy Duty Truck Filters

Outer diameter [mm]:110                    

Height [mm]:160                              


Without clean fuel, nothing runs: FONHO fuel filters maintain the operational safety of the engine and protect the injection system from contamination.

Injection systems for modern petrol and diesel engines are sensitive to the smallest fuel impurities. Studies show that the quantity of dirt particles in fuels recommended by international associations is often significantly exceeded. If the fuel filter is not changed according to the prescribed cycle, the injection systems can become clogged and operational safety impaired.FONHO filters retain their filtration effect over particularly long intervals.

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