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WABCO Air Dryer Cartridge

Name: Air Dryer Cartridge
FONHO No.: UT 1374
Ref No.: Hengst:T250W Mann+Hummel:TB1374X Wabco:4324102227 Wabco:4324100202 Knorr:II40100F
Mercedes Benz:A0004293695 Mercedes Benz:A0004291097 Mercedes Benz:A0004291297 Mercedes Benz:A0004300969
Volvo:3090268 Volvo:3090288 Volvo:3091200
Scania:1375997 Renault:5000295421 Renault:5001843522
Daf:1504900R Iveco:2992261 Iveco:1900812
MAN:1368731 Donaldson:P781466
Product Catalog: Air Dryers

Outer diameter [mm]:139                     

Height [mm]:168

THREAD: M39X1.5-6H

FONHO air dryer cartridges are made of premium split bed desiccant material that has superior adsorption property. (Adsorption is the bonding of water or other particles on the surface of the desiccant beads.) Compared to other brands, FONHO cartridges allow more usable air flow per cycle and maintain more dry air in your system.



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