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Air Dryers For HALDEX

Air Dryers For HALDEX

Name:Air Dryers Cartridge
FONHO No.: UT-1011
Ref No.:SCANIA: 1322480
MANN: TB 1379
KNORR: 1186592, SK2914/1
VOLVO: 3090013
TREX: 15265562
HALDEX: 71059
Product Catalog: Air Dryers

 FONHO air dryer cartridges are the better protect your vehicle’s air brake system and downstream components from moisture and contaminants. The cartridges’ spin-on design allows for quick and easy maintenance, reducing your vehicle downtime.FONHO offers both standard and improved cartridges with oil seperater to many famous and big companies in the world,espacially in European Market. 

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